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Enrichment Summer Camp



Day Pass $60

5 Pack @ $290
10 Pack @ $550

Every Tuesday and Wednesday



Have you ever taken your dog on a looong walk and notice that they’re still ready to run a marathon? Is your dog easily bored? Have you noticed some destruction in your home when you aren’t able to keep them as busy as they’d like? They may just need some more mental stimulation. Even the most social and play-loving dogs aren’t fully satisfied with only social play for 10 hours straight. On the daycare floor, we strive to provide enrichment through social games like bubbles, follow the leader, group obedience, dance parties, etc. However, we wanted to do more.


With our enrichment program, we can do more one-on-one activities with the dogs and fine tune the activities to fit each dog’s personal preferences. Certain dog breeds have been bred for years and years to do things like herd cattle, retrieve game for hunters, dig tunnels, hunt, etc. and those genes don’t just disappear! We can challenge the dogs while keeping the activity fun and engaging. At the end of the day, enrichment is FUN. It’s fun for us, it’s fun for the dogs, and a bonus is that it uses our dog’s brain in new ways each week!


Mental stimulation can relieve many common issues in dogs such as anxiety, destructive behaviors, and hyperactivity. It can also improve things like their overall mood, their bond with humans, their cognitive development and even their confidence!


Listed below are some examples of our summer camp enrichment activities. 


Cognitive: “Ball pit pawty” — A great way to put those noses and digging skills to work is our Ball Pit Pawty! Adding limited ingredient treats to a ball pit full of multicolored balls will have your Super Pup using multiple senses & skills to find their rewards. Digging is a self-rewarding activity on its own as most pups love to dig, but the added reward of treats at the bottom makes it that much more enticing to them!


Social: Small group play — smaller playgroups allow for a higher quality of play in shorter periods of time. Dogs will be ready for breaks, which allows them to get the quality rest they need to be emotionally healthy.


Sensory: “Scavenger hunt”— hiding treats for them to seek out and find, either under obstacles or on lead around the daycare. Sniffing relieves stress and tires them out! Dogs have 200 million scent receptors compared to our ~5 million and about ⅛ of their brains are dedicated to processing those smells! So, they take in a lot of info with a sniff! Sniffing and allowing dogs to search and intake information allows them to make their own decisions and feel free thinking! We will set up a scavenger hunt of treats and allow them to decide where they search. Good luck on the hunt!


Physical: “Pawkour”— is a confidence boosting activity where handlers encourage and help dogs perform obstacles/jump up on surfaces they aren’t used to. If your pup doesn’t seem the most sure of new environments, Pawkour is a great confidence booster to teach your dogs that they can do whatever they set their minds to and that their humans have their backs! We will encourage them to climb and jump on wobbly, small, or uneven (but safe) surfaces that they might not be so keen to jump on. This activity will also help strengthen their bond with humans as we support them through something new and unusual to them!


Enrichment Summer Camp

• Offered every Tuesday and Wednesday beginning May 14th.

• A reservation is required.

• To book please select all day play as you usually would then be sure to select the ‘Enrichment Camp’ reservation type.

• A day pass or package options are available to purchase through Gingr.

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Limited spots are available, so book now while you can!



• Enrichment Summer Camp is separate from ‘All Day Play’.

• Memberships and Daycare Credits are not valid for this reservation type.